Real Estate Deals and Field Partners

The investors interested in commercial real estate can actually increase their profits to at least twofold by using a Field Partner.

Clearly enough a field partner can definitely help you in increasing the market share of your business, but before that we need to know what exactly a field partner is and what the job profile of that person is.

The sole aim of a commercial investor is to acquire a lucrative commercial real estate before their competitors can lay hand on the land and then sell it off at a higher price and make profits. To cut a long story short, the real estate investors operating in the commercial market need to acquire lucrative deals before their competition in order to stay ahead of the game.

Most of the successful commercial real estate investors make the most amount of money by operating in multiple markets and closing deals simultaneously with the help of field partners.

Filed partners are basically operatives whom you have on the field, thee professionals keep a track of the various properties on sale and they function as hired real estate broker.

The field partners can help the real estate investors in:

Locating new properties.

Screening the good properties i.e. investable properties from the rest. Get a drive by view of the property and take pictures of the property.
One can also conduct on site investigation regarding the credibility of the property.

So what are the criteria to find the ideal field partner?

Here is the answer to this question, an ideal field partner will understand the real estate investment strategy of the investor and look for the properties accordingly.

Nowadays the number of listed properties is really huge so one needs to make sure that the right property is screened out for investing.

A successful field partner is an asset to the investor and they are paid according to their services.

It is very necessary that the field partners you appoint are trustworthy reliable and available at al times, there is no fixed schedule for a field partner and one needs to be on the move.

One of the most important qualities of a field partner is that the person must provide a complete and detailed report of the property to the investor based on which the actual investment can be made by the investor.

Investors are always on the lookout for field partners with a lot of field experience.

One can find a good field partner in various ways.

Local real estate clubs (REIA) have a whole lot of people who are ready to works as field partners, these people are already studying the market, and they can prove to be valuable assets to the real estate investor.

The Internet is a good source to find field partners. The real estate investors are always in the lookout for good and reliable field partners, who fill the above-mentioned criteria and there are plenty of jobs in this field.